Nati  Boxella's Cincinnati Carieva AX, AXJ, NAP, OFA36G (3-18-1996 - 2-15-2008)

Dam: Ch. Boxella's Gypsy Rose Lee           Sire: Boxella's Mario Valentino


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    At 11 Nati swiped food and dragged it under the dining room table and she made NO APOLOGIES.  She played ball, ANY TIME, ANY WHERE and she demanded attention WHEREVER or WHENEVER she needed it and SHE GOT WHAT SHE WANTED.   


    At almost 12 Nati didn't chase the ball very far and she didn't run very fast but she continued barking at me when she was feeling ignored.  She loved her food and never turned down a treat but she stopped climbing on the counters to get to it.  Nati was a tired girl and she slept a lot but she stayed by my side and remained my devoted companion until it was her time to go.             

                     Lynn   February 15, 2008   

    Nati had all of the endearing traits of a great Boxer including loyalty, fearless courage, silliness, playfulness, love of food, unrelenting drive, and a wild craziness for a ball.  She was a noisy, in your face, devoted, over-sized lap dog that demanded attention but gave back double love and joy in return. She made me laugh every day.  Nati was the most honest dog Iíve ever known and she taught me how wonderful the Boxer breed is.  

    Nati, with her warm-hearted spirit, was my first Boxer and without her, Sky-high Boxers would not exist.  

    "Nati came into my life and changed me."                       



Typical Nati  

"Tongue's Out"


 Nati was more than 4 years old before she competed in agility. Amazingly, she earned (Q)1st Place in (JWW) at her first trial (AKC) on April 30, 2000.

Within a year, Nati was running AKC agility in Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumpers with Weaves.






    Unsurpassable Drive 








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