Letter to Joseph Heine, Boxella Kennels, Cincinnati, Ohio 

May 23, 2001

Dear Joseph Heine,

Subject: Boxella's Cincinnati Carieva, OA, OAJ

I want to tell you about Boxella's Cincinnati Carieva OA, OAJ "Nati" (Date of Birth 3/18/96 AKC WP688521/05), originally owned by Eva Partida. Nati's parents are CH Boxella's Gypsy Rose Lee and Boxella's Mario Valentino.

Nati, my first Boxer, has lived in my house since she was eight weeks old; however, I didn't obtain ownership from Eva until 1998.

Nati personifies the true meaning of "working dog". She is an intense, high-drive Boxer, fast and extremely agile, always ready to work, eager to please, yet silly in play and extremely loyal. She thrives on activity and could never be a couch potato.

Prior to spaying Nati in 2000, she whelped 2 litters of puppies totaling 13, including Tekoneva's Rebecca, 2nd place winner in the 12 to 18 month old puppy class at 2000 ABC Nationals in Frederick, MD.

Nati is my loyal companion. Presently, we participate in AGILITY and Nati has earned OA, OAJ titles in less than a year's time. She won a blue ribbon in her first competition, AKC Novice Jumpers with Weaves (4/30/00) and she's been earning qualifying scores and placements ever since.

I just read your article, What Role has the German Boxer Played in our Boxers of Yesterday and Today? in the April/May addition of The Boxer Review. Nati is an outstanding bitch; I'm positive her intense drive and working dog attitude comes from the German influences in her pedigree. Thank you.


Lynn Falk















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