Pic-A-Dillie Sky-high Gillis "Gilli" 2004 - 2015

& Pic-A-Dillie He's A Boomer "Gibby" 2014 -



 Gilli and Gibby, each with high-spirited personalities, are 2 exceptional examples of how wonderful Boston Terriers can be.







 Pic-A-Dillie Sky-high Gillis AX, MXJ, NF, PD1 PS1, PJ2 "Gilli" (7/13/2004-12/2/2015) joined our family in the fall of 2004.  Pic-A-Dillie He's A Boomer "Gibby" (7/2/2014) came in August 2016, several months after losing Gilli.  Both boys were bred by Marion and Barry Berger of Pic-A-Dillie Boston Terriers and are related through CH Pic-A-Dillie's Cosmic Cowboy "Cowboy".   Gilli had an endearing temperament with silly, playful, loveable traits and Gibby is playful yet fearless and won't hesitate taking his favorite toys out of the mouth of a Boxer.  Best described, each boy is exceptionally bright, super active, friendly, loyal beyond words, and super high-drive.   Best of all, they CUDDLE at the end of EVERY day.  








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