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     Sky-high Boxers would not exist without  NATI, my first Boxer.  NATI, with her WARM-HEARTED SPIRIT, was a noisy, playful, silly girl, with unrelenting drive and a wild craziness for a ball. She demanded attention but gave back DOUBLE LOVE in return and she taught me how wonderful the Boxer breed is.  NATI will always be the HEART OF OUR HOME.   MAIJA was my GUSHY GIRL and her LOVING SPIRIT is never-ending. She taught me agility did not define her life...or mine. Nati's daughter ABBY was with me from her first breath to her last.  ABBY is MY HEART DOG; she exemplified everything a Boxer should be.


    And then came our SPECIAL boy BEAR, and for so long our ONE & ONLY Boston Terrier GILLI, our LOVEABLE wild child   PEY, SENIOR Boxer  HATTIE, and our FRIENDLIEST, HAPPIEST white Boxer girl BEE. Bob's walking buddy BODIE is his 2nd FAVORITE boy.  Lastly our boy GIBBY arrived, another wonderful PIC-A-DILLIE Boston Terrier.





in memory of our Boxer friends    aniblue03_back.gif   at the RAINBOW BRIDGE 

"They come into our lives and change us"

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Boxella's Cincinnati Carieva

Tekoneva's Omaija

Tekoneva's Sky-high Abigail



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