NEDDY Sky-high's Feel Good Fix  (2/18/2019)

 Animal Rescue Farm ARF of Mercer , Pennington, NJ



NEDDY is our 1st MIXED breed puppy.



18.4% Miniature Schnauzer  15.7% Labrador Retriever  13.5% German Shepherd Dog 

10.1% Pekingese  9.7% Staffordshire Bull Terrier  8.4% Doberman Pinscher 

24.2% Supermutt (Boxer, Cocker Spaniel, Collie)


Neddy is a friendly, easy-going pup who throws toys up in the air, initiates tug and chase games with his doggie siblings, and plays ball by himself if nobody will join him. Neddy isn't afraid of thunder or romping in the rain and getting muddy, yet when the hose comes out he quietly disappears until he thinks he is safe from the water. When a half-eaten baby bird was pulled from Neddy's mouth he ran into the house and hid. Neddy is a DIGGER/ROCK COLLECTOR who likes to share his finds.

"The Sato Project  is dedicated to rescuing abused and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico."  Neddy's mama BRONZE (now Maisey) and her sister GOLD (now Piper) were SATO DOGS rescued during the early part of 2019 and brought to ARF of MERCER in Pennington, New Jersey.  Soon after arriving Maisey whelped puppies, which included Neddy.  I am so thankful and grateful to everyone at the rescue who touched Neddy’s life.  He is a happy, healthy pup who came into our lives at the exact time we needed him.  NEDDY IS A RAY OF SUNSHINE EVEN ON A CLOUDY DAY.   





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Sky-high's Feel Good Fix Neddy