Maija  Tekoneva's Omaija OA, NAJ, NAC, OJC  (7-3-1997 - 12-11-2009)

Sire: Ch. Karmel's Dream Weaver        Dam: Tekoneva's Cosett II


aniblue03_back.gif     at the RAINBOW BRIDGE             aniblue03_back.gif    Maija's GIFT  















           NOT ALL DOGS


            MAKE IT TO THE TOP



     Although tremendously talented, Maija's agility career took a back seat to Nati and Abby.   Only occasionally would Maija want to play the game.  During most runs, Maija couldn't/wouldn't complete the weave poles, missed numerous contacts and dropped bars regularly causing endless NQ's.  


    Then came a much needed ATTITUDE CHANGE.   JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT!   Called the "FOREVER OPEN GIRL",  Maija only competed on Saturday's and she turned out some of her best performances. JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT.  That's all.



Claim to fame:  Maija  hated competing :-)) and I fell in love with the sport.    


 End result: Maija taught me agility did not define her life....or mine.  








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Tekoneva's Omaija OA, NAJ, NAC, OJC Maija*1997-2009* lsf