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 My good friend RGP was diagnosed with Lung/Brain cancer in August 2009 and everything changed.  By early December his family initiated home hospice care and within days he quit eating and was totally bed ridden.  By mid-December RGP seldom spoke.  I couldn't believe my friend was dying; he was only 64 years old.

 I lost my brindle Boxer girl Maija to Stomach/Chest cancer on Friday morning, December 11th, at 12.5 years of age.   Her cancer was diagnosed the week before and each day forward she grew weaker and more uncomfortable.  I knew it was Maija's time to go; nonetheless, it was devastating losing her so quickly.   Maija was my loveable GUSHY GIRL and I barely had time to mourn for her. 

 Maija was crazy wild about RGP.  She met him when she was a young puppy and was always excited and happy when he and his wife came to visit.  Maija, in classic Boxer style, would wiggle her butt and jump into his lap.   She usually ended up snuggling next to RGP on the sofa.  

 Once RGP's cancer was diagnosed in August, he never made it back to my house.   Maija never saw RGP again, or so I thought.

 I received a phone call the afternoon of Wednesday, December 30th from my girlfriend saying; "You aren't going to believe this�.   She then told me that sometime in the wee hours of the morning, RGP called out Maija's name several times.  IS IT POSSIBLE MAIJA WAS WITH MY FRIEND?  WIGGLING HER BUTT?

 The following day was New Year�s Eve, December 31st.   Late morning RGP was calling for Maija again; "MAIJA, MAIJA", over and over and over.   His wife asked him if he saw Maija and he told her; "SHE KEEPS RUNNING AWAY FROM ME.  GO GET MAIJA". 

 His family was visiting when RGP started calling Maija and they wondered who she was.  They had no idea she was a dog, my dog.   Before they left, his sister told him to follow Maija.

  New Year�s Eve I stayed overnight at his home to keep my girlfriend company.   On New Year�s Day, like the prior 2 days, RGP called Maija's name.  This time I HEARD HIM calling "MAIJA, MAIJA", more times than I could count.  At one point, with his arms out-stretched, I heard; "MAIJA, PLEASE COME UP HERE".

 That exact moment, I knew Maija was all right and I started to cry.   I remembered the words from RAINBOW BRIDGE and instantly knew she was happily running around, ever so close to RGP.   My tears were for Maija and my friend.

 It seemed astonishing that Maija's death in early December was intersecting with RGP's end of life journey; still, I never doubted Maija's presence or how near she was to RGP.   New Year�s Day was notably sad, yet hugely comforting.  It was also the last day RGP spoke.

 I don�t understand how Maija knew to be with RGP but without question, I believe her LOVING SPIRIT was with him.  IS IT POSSIBLE MAIJA AND RGP ARE TOGETHER; TWO FRIENDS COMFORTING ONE ANOTHER?  

 I feel solace knowing my Boxer girl Maija and my friend are okay.   I will think of them AT PEACE.        




  Maija (1997-2009) 



 lsf.2010 Red Heart RGP was never told that Maija died in early December.  RGP passed away JANUARY 4, 2010.   

    with heartfelt love Red Heart and remembrance of our friends      



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remembrance of our friends Maija *1997-2009*