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  11/22/1999 - 3/28/2012   aniblue03_back.gif  Tekoneva's Sky-high Abigail "Abby"  was with me from her 1st breath until her last and lived to be 12.4 years old.  She had a quiet confidence and a gentle, warm-hearted, happy-go-lucky temperament. I adored seeing the glee in her eyes when she ran like a pony or waved her paw for a treat. I love that Abby found JOY in life's simplest moments, happily moseying around the yard except when it was time to eat. Already I miss her pound puppy grin and carefree ways, yet gratefully I can say Abby lived a GOOD LIFE". Rest peacefully precious Abigail and when you get to the bridge give your mama and Maija a kiss from me.  GOD SPEED; you are in "GOOD HANDS".  Lynn xo

   11/22/1999 -  3/30/2008   aniblue03_back.gif   Tekoneva's Samantha  "Ali" was truly one of the family and our favorite baby in the world, there will never ever be another like her.  She was spoiled rotten and lived like a Queen, and also the most "human-like" of all of our dogs.  Ali came into our life and we knew she was our special "ONCE IN A LIFETIME GIRL".   We adored her and loved her and feel blessed having her.    Beth

    3/14/1998 -  12/15/2009   aniblue03_back.gif  Teryl's Just Call Me Angel  "Angel" was a CHARACTER and she lived to be 11.75 years old.  Once retired, she spent most of her days lounging on the couch and keeping the rest of the gang in line.  NOTHING ABOUT ANGEL WAS COMMON OR ORDINARY.   Angel loved her tail being rubbed, making a nest in my bed pillows and ice cream.    We had quite a journey my girlie!    Jill

   9/30/2001 - 8/3/2014   aniblue03_back.gif  Tekoneva's Victor de Sky-high "Bear"  was Bob's side kick and Carrie's nightly sleeping buddy.  He was always gentle, very sweet . . . and a pushover with the other dogs.  He loved chasing a jolly ball, getting the back of his ears scratched and the only time he growled was when his head was in his food bowl.  Bear was our only male Boxer, a perfect dog for our family and he lived a GOOD LIFE.   We will miss our sweet boy.  God sped to the bridge BIG BOY!       Lynn xo

   11/22/1999 - 11/14/2008   aniblue03_back.gif  Tekoneva's Kaiser "Boo"  was my first boy, my pal and most of all my 'Boo'.  He and his half sister Tessa can now run together in that never-ending backyard.  Kaiser 'Boo Boo' Hamilton will be tragically missed.   John

   Kaiser was one of Nati's sweetest baby boys. He was BIG and LOVEABLE and he shared his life with Robert, Christopher, and Cole. His family adored him!  Kaiser was born 9 years ago today and is happily remembered.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET  BOY.    Lynn  xo 11/22/2008  

  6/16/2004 - 3/24/2012   aniblue03_back.gif  Carter Kanuga "Carter"  was my baby boy and is now offically an angel.  I helped him go to Heaven on Saturday, March 24th.  Carter was my shadow and I will always miss him.  He lived, laughed and loved enough for 2 life times.  Carter was "JOY".    Kerri

  7/13/2004 - 12/2/2015   aniblue03_back.gif  Pic-A-Dillie Sky-high Gillis "Gilli" (BT-Honorary Boxer) (11 years old) was my spunky little buddy who lived life with a bucketful of enthusiasm; he was a one of a kind character; greatly loved, enormously missed!  I wish I could clone his happy spirit.  God speed to the bridge little buddy; you are in "good hands".  Soar high Gilli boy!  Lynn xo

  5/14/2001 - 4/19/2016   aniblue03_back.gif  Sky-high's Aunt Hattie "Hatti"  My senior girl Hattie found her way to the Rainbow Bridge just a few weeks shy of her 15th birthday.   Thanks to Adopt A Boxer Rescue (AABR), Hattie came to us at the young age of  9 years old and quickly became "just one of the gang", living a GOOD LIFE as a Falk dog.   Hattie was my shadow.   She followed me thru-out the house and yard from the moment she woke up in the morning until she closed her eyes each evening.  I will miss feeling her soft footsteps.  Rest in peace sweet girl.  Embrace the love of other Falk dogs as they welcome you to the bridge.   Lynn xo

   1/2/1997 - 11/21/2007   aniblue03_back.gif  Jasper Lonergan "Jasper"  was the ONE who started it all.  He loved puppies and children, snuggling in the evening, and rolling in the grass and "air biting" with his buddy AJ,   He was a gentle soul who just happened to be white.  He was responsible for my love of Boxers and convinced me that no other breed would do.  He will be missed terribly.    Elisabeth

   1/15/1997 - 6/30/2005   aniblue03_back.gif   Bandit II Thief of Hearts "Jax"  stole my heart the second I saw him.  He was a real Momma's boy, wanting to be with me every second of the day and night.  He made me laugh because he was such a playful big lug.  He loved to run up behind me and nip me on the butt.  My Mom always called him Baby Huey - just like the big baby from the cartoons.  He was a great therapy dog, great at agility, and just an all around great friend to share my life with.  I lost him way too early, but he's still a part of my life everyday, and is in my heart always.   Jacqui

 11/27/1999 -  01/29/2010  aniblue03_back.gif  Tekoneva's Tango  "Kaiser"  was a real sweetheart that was much loved by our family.  He also loved ALL of us in return. He had no favorite, he just enjoyed being with everyone in our family.  We will miss his companionship around the house and running/walking with him in the woods.   We will miss his special greeting when we come through the door.  He would make a point of saying hello to each of us.  We will miss him on our travels to Massachusetts to visit our family.  He was an incredible traveler and loved going for trips in the car.  He was always ready for a new adventure.  Kaiser had a wonderful life and brought us much happiness and joy.  Kim, DJ, Margo & Dave Powell

  11/22/1999 - 4/1/2011   aniblue03_back.gif  Tekoneva's Scarlett O'Hara "Katie"  We were blessed to have such a great dog in our lives, even if only for a short period of time.  She was 11 years, 4 months, but it's never quite long enough.  Her grumpy face belied her joyous, buoyant spirit and love of life.  My house is so quiet, but her spirit is still here with us.  There never was a better Boxer!   God Speed to the Rainbow Bridge my Boxer Baby. You will always be missed.  Patti

   Another one of my "SPECIAL BABIES, Katie lived a healthy life for more than 11 years and was one feisty, loveable, fun loving, friendly girl.  She LIVED the "GOOD LIFE" sharing "Happy Meals" and massages with Dan and Patti'; Katie will forever be their spoiled special girl.  I will always remember how Katie was always "PUSHY" towards her sister Abby.  I loved that they were able to share some of their early years together, PRETENDING they didn't care for one another.  Life wasn't suppose to end this way, you broke some hearts today sweet girl.  Sleep tight Katie.      Lynn xo 4/1/2011     

   7/3/1997 -  12/11/2009   aniblue03_back.gif   Tekoneva's Omaija  "Maija" was my GUSHY GIRL and the most loving Boxer in my house, especially in the morning.   She was a ONE OF A KIND character who made people laugh and smile.  Maija's claim to fame; she hated competing in agility and I fell in love with the sport.:-))   She taught me agility did not define her life....or mine.   MAIJA WILL FOREVER BE REMEMBERED FOR HER TREASURED GIFTS AND THE PRICELESS LESSONS LEARNED.   Rest peacefully, sweet girl     Lynn xo

   3/18/1996 - 2/15/2008   aniblue03_back.gif  Boxella's Cincinnati Carieva "Nati"  was my first Boxer, "MY SPECIAL GIRL",  and the reason why I fell in love with the breed.   Nati had a WARM HEARTED SPIRIT and was noisy and silly and ball crazy and she loved to eat more than any dog I know.  She would have protected me with her life.  Nati was the most HONEST dog I've ever known and she made me laugh every day.  I miss her terribly.  Sleep tight Miss Nati.    Lynn xo  

  2/15/2008 - 4/30/20196   aniblue03_back.gif  Sky-high's Pey It Forward "Pey"  was my stoic, kind-hearted girl who was attached to my hip from the day I brought her home until she took her last breath.   Pey died peacefully after battling Degenerative Myelopathy for a year.  The disease took away her mobility but never her sweet, cheery disposition.  She was my crazy wild child who barked continuously when I was away from her and sometimes when I stood close to her.  She was SMART and happy and toy crazy and most of all very loving.   My house feels empty without Pey.   God speed sweet girl of mine.       Lynn xo

   7/3/1997 -  8/15/2009   aniblue03_back.gif   Tekoneva's Olimpia  "Pia Maria"  was a ball /frisbee crazy dog that loved life right up until the end.  More important then agility she was my special friend who will always be in my heart.   Adrienne

   Pia was an exceptional Boxer with amazing COURAGE and an astonishing WILL TO LIVE.   She celebrated her 12th birthday this past July and lived happily with Adrienne and John and Ellie.  Life included frequent walks, great meals, a spot on the sofa, and agility.   Pia, with her winning talents and feisty attitude, is an example of why we share our lives with Boxers.  Pia is fondly remembered.   Lynn   2009 August

   1/31/1998 -  8/24/2009   aniblue03_back.gif   Caramba Von Rosa de Tekoneva  "Rambo" at 11 years, 8 months old, was lucky enough to retire in Spain with Eva and Tony Partida.  Eva is thankful for the long MEMORABLE journey she shared with Rambo.  Rambo is at peace and has joined Pia in Boxer heaven.    Eva

    Rambo lived most of his life in New Jersey and had several wild adventures, one which included a mysterious late night romp in his neighborhood.  On Sunday afternoons, Carrie usually spent time with him.  Rambo was Carrie's BUDDY and she always looked forward to seeing him; she was wild about him.  Carrie misses Rambo and fondly remembers the time they spent together.    Lynn  

   8/9/1994 - 5/13/2008   aniblue03_back.gif   O'Neill's Find the King of Whines "Rex"   at 13 years, 9 months, was a great dog - goofy, loveable and playful.  He always had a kiss and butt wiggle for his friends.  He loved going to the dog shows, was a great therapy dog who cheered many peoples' days, even visiting with his brother Jax after the World Trade Center disaster in New York.  Now, he's happy and running around with Jax again.   Rex was our "SPECIAL GUY" and will be missed immensely.   Jacqui & Mom

   6/16/2004 - 1/3/2011   aniblue03_back.gif   Sanchez Whittaker "Sanch"   was our sweet little boy who blessed us with his love and affection for 6.5 years.  You just never know how quiet a house can be!  We are all missing Sanchez so much; most of all Santana, as Sanchez liked to kiss him all the time.  We used to say to him " Sanch go kiss Santana" and he would go over and lick him all up! :)  So many sweet memories!  God must have needed a Boxer Angel by his side.  He was one in a trillion and we miss him to tears!    Arlene

   11/22/1999 - 12/1/2011   aniblue03_back.gif  Tekoneva's Santana "Sani"  just turned 12 years old!  He was a very loving boy and everyone that met him loved him!  He was very protective of his family so we were always safe! He lived to play, go for walks, and go to the beach.  He loved all his toys and played with them every chance he got.  My boy was the smartest, stubbornness boxer you would ever want to meet.   He would cry when he wanted something and would not let up until he got it.  We are so so sad not having our baby boy but we know he is at the Rainbow Bridge playing his heart out!    We miss him dearly and he could never be replaced.   Arlene

   11/27/1999 -  7/10/2007  aniblue03_back.gif  Tekoneva's  "Tessa"  was one of my SPECIAL BABIES, a Maija baby, who had undeniable character.   I was lucky enough to watch Tessa grow up and she is remembered with fondness & heartfelt love,   Lynn xo   


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