MACH Tekoneva's Olimpia MX, MXJ, XF, AD, NAC, NJC, OAC  (7/3/1997 - 8/15/2009)

Sire: Ch. Karmel's Dream Weaver        Dam: Tekoneva's Cosett II

    Owner/Trainer: Adrienne Terrell 






Dear Keystone Friends,
My boxer Pia was a Keystone member long before I was.  In 1998 Eva Partida (her breeder) started agility classes with her.  At that time her instructors were Maureen Waldron, Jean Crouthamel, Rosie Sutherland and Sue Tovino.  Several years later, when Pia was almost six years old, Eva asked me if I would adopt her.  Although I thought Pia was a great dog I had reservations about adopting an older dog.  About the same time my agility boxer Mikey died suddenly and two weeks later (with gentle pressure from well meaning friends) I took Pia home with me.
Pia and I started competing right away and had a blast together, I really felt it was a match made in heaven.  I went on to obtain her Master titles in AKC then her MACH and Excellent FAST title.
I retired Pia from competition this past May and in June she developed a tumor.  My husband John and I nursed her for two months and finally let her go last Saturday.  Pia was a ball /frisbee crazy dog that loved life right up until the end.  More important then agility she was my special friend who will always be in my heart. 
Many thanks to my Keystone friends for the support you gave to me these last couple months. 
Adrienne Terrell  


emailed to KEYSTONE AGILITY CLUB       AUGUST 18, 2009



      with heartfelt love Red Heart and remembrance of our Boxer friends     



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remembrance of our Boxer friends Pia *1997-2009* lsf