Origin of Sky-high Boxers


    In the fall of 1997, Lynn watched an agility exhibition at the Philadelphia Dog Show and her life changed.


    Boxella's Cincinnati Carieva AX, AXJ, NAP "NATI" Tekoneva's Omaija OA, NAJ, NAC, OJC "MAIJA"    Tekoneva's Sky-high Abigail MX, MXJ, NAP, MJP, AAD, AS, AG, PJ2, PG1, NAC, NJC, FFXP "ABBY"


    are the foundation Boxers of Sky-high Boxers. Sky-high came about after the birth of Abby, Nati's daughter, in November of 1999. Owner/handler Lynn Falk picked Abby, a fawn puppy, strong in temperament and drive, structurally sound, with a fun-loving attitude and the athletic abilities needed to participate in the sport of agility. Hence, the search for the perfect name.

    Lynn's Boxers, with German backgrounds, personify the true meaning of "Working Dog". They are high drive Boxers, fast and extremely agile, always ready to work, eager to please, yet they love to play and are extremely loyal. They thrive on activity and are not meant to be couch potatoes. Nati, Maija and Abby exemplify Sky-high's own definition, "TO A VERY HIGH LEVEL", "AN ENTHUSIASTIC MANNER", "HIGH UP IN THE AIR" and "HIGH IN VALUE". They are naturals in agility. SKY-HIGH BOXERS WAS BORN.             







     NEW ARRIVALS      

    Tekoneva's Victor de Sky-high NA, NAJ "BEAR", our first male joined Sky-high Boxers in December 2001. Bear's Grandmother is Nati (Boxella's Cincinnati Carieva AX, AXJ). Bear is a playful, fun-loving boy who exhibits all of the "Working Dog" qualities that represent Sky-high Boxers.


    Sky-high's Pey It Forward  Missy "PEY" came in the Fall of 2008, at 9 months of age.  Pey is a petite, fawn and white, SUPER FEISTY Boxer girl who loves to run and play and chase a ball. Special thanks to Women's Humane Society , Bensalem, PA


    Sky-high's Aunt Hattie "HATTIE" joined our family in January 2011 at the very young age of 9 1/2 years.  Hattie is a typical senior Boxer who just wanted a place to call home. Special thanks goes to Adopt A Boxer Rescue.


    Rocket's Spirit In Flight "Glory BEE" came in 2012 from Georgetown TX. Bee is an active, white boxer who is friendly, loves to play, and is working towards THERAPY DOG certification.  Special thanks to Kerry and Brian Rodgers of Rocket Boxers.  


    Encore's Brave New World @ Glenmere "BODIE" arrive in April 2015. He is a happy, playful boy with a even-tempered personality.  Thanks you to Pam Holzapfel of Glenmere Boxers for entrusting our family with such a special boy.

    ... AND GILLI

    Pic-A-Dillie Sky-high Gillis AX, MXJ, NF, PD1, PS1, PJ2 "GILLI", Sky-high's 1st Boston Terrier came October 2004.   Bred by Marion Berger of Pic-A-Dillie Boston Terriers  NJ, Gilli is an active high drive boy, crazy for toys, who loves to run and is fast as a bunny.  Gilli exemplifies the true spirit of Sky-high.     









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